Tea Staining – Soft Boho

Before the invention of commercial dyes, the only way to color clothing was to use minerals and plants like tea. The tannins in tea leaves are able to stain fabric fibres to produce lovely dark ivory, tan, or reddish colors.

So, if you’re into dyeing clothes the natural way, tea staining is a fun and cheap way to do it. It produces a lovely light and color-washed appearance instead of opaque like commercially dyed fabric.

Different types of tea will produce slightly different shades. Green tea will produce a light, slightly greenish or yellowish stain; common black tea produces a warm ivory/tan color; oolong tea comes out slightly more orange; many herbal teas create a more reddish tone.

The natural dye also gives fabric a vintage or bohemian look and will mask stains, so you don’t have to throw away beloved tablecloths, pillowcases and sheets due to staining.

Enjoy the pics of some lovely tea stained fabrics.

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I’ve always loved shutters – the older and mangier the better.  Whether they’re functional or just decorative they add loads of character and even a touch of mystery. Be inspired by these dreamy examples.

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Bohemian Lounge Rooms

I’d love to hang out in these gorgeous laidback rooms – give me tassles, peacock feathers, coloured glass, animal prints, lamps, palms and candles and I’m happy.

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