Here’s an interesting bit of boho trivia.

Did you know that the word ‘Wicker’  means almost any type of woven furniture such as cane, seagrass or rattan. Wicker actually refers to the act of weaving or is the final woven article made using a variety of materials and is not a material itself.

So, love these pics below!

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Paisley originated in Persia and India but burst on to the hippie scene during the Summer of Love in San Francisco in 1967. It makes me think of flower children and all that peace and love of the 60’s and that’s just got to be a good thing.

The teardrop design has spiritual meanings and a beautiful esoteric shape – no wonder it was embraced by the hippie generation.

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Beaded Curtains – Exotic Bohemia

I know I’m still a child of the 60’s at heart because I still have a passion for beaded curtains. The funny thing is that back then I didn’t have a doorway in my house that would suit them and it’s wasn’t until my latest home, an 1890’s terrace house, that the perfect doorway appeared. Between the side entrance, the original maid’s entrance and the dining room, is a doorless opening with the walls about a foot deep. My wooden beaded curtains look right at home and I love the sound of them ratting together when someone passes through.

But besides wood, beaded curtains are just as gorgeous in glass, crystal or even plastic. And besides hanging them in doorways they’re stunning as window dressings instead of curtains. Glass or crystal curtains transform sunny windows into waterfalls of light.

Fall in love with the pics below!

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Tea Staining – Soft Boho

Before the invention of commercial dyes, the only way to color clothing was to use minerals and plants like tea. The tannins in tea leaves are able to stain fabric fibres to produce lovely dark ivory, tan, or reddish colors.

So, if you’re into dyeing clothes the natural way, tea staining is a fun and cheap way to do it. It produces a lovely light and color-washed appearance instead of opaque like commercially dyed fabric.

Different types of tea will produce slightly different shades. Green tea will produce a light, slightly greenish or yellowish stain; common black tea produces a warm ivory/tan color; oolong tea comes out slightly more orange; many herbal teas create a more reddish tone.

The natural dye also gives fabric a vintage or bohemian look and will mask stains, so you don’t have to throw away beloved tablecloths, pillowcases and sheets due to staining.

Enjoy the pics of some lovely tea stained fabrics.

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